Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Weekend Doings


We had a pretty wonderful Easter here with a cousin and grandma along for the festivities.  I did a lot of cooking and baking and Chris and the kids did a lot of playing outside and working in the yard and grandma did a lot of holding of the baby--which worked out nicely for everyone involved.

On Holy Saturday the children decided to set up a storefront selling used golf balls that they've been collecting and when there weren't enough products for them all to hock they opened up a second storefront selling candy inside of plastic eggs.  I think they each made two dollars and they stayed busy all day.  A win all around.

That night I asked Margaret if she knew what the next day was and she said, "chocolate day?"  Not exactly, but that did pretty much sum up Easter morning at the Reintjes house.  After we got home from mass, endured an endless photo shoot in which I brought out the tripod and still got no good family pictures because of a certain someone who insisted on making faces, and hunted the baskets, there was a chocolate binge the likes of which we haven't seen round these parts since, well, Christmas.

Afterwards, we had our traditional Easter egg hunt and smash, but this year disaster struck when David dropped the glitter egg and it......broke on the ground.  The kids were very upset at the thought of having no winner--everyone except Margaret that is.  After she realized she could hunt eggs and then sit down to eat the fruity pebbles out of them instead of throwing them at her siblings she was fairly content.  Once it looked like all the eggs had been found and the fun was over, I noticed one lone egg up in a tree and announced that whomsoever found the very last un-findable egg would be the winner and would receive the golden bunny as their prize after all and the hunt was saved.  Note to self:  next year make a back up glitter egg.

We followed up the hunt with a gigantic Easter dinner that none of the children ate because they were full of a really unappetizing mix of candy and veggie sticks and then we went to swim at the indoor pool.  We're all exhausted and I feel like I've been in the kitchen for three days straight--most likely due to the fact that I was.  But He is Risen!  And Chris took next week off so we're all officially on spring break!  What more could a girl ask for, besides maybe being able to sleep all the way through the night?

Well, there's always next year :)

Happy Easter!

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