Friday, February 11, 2011

Home Made Playdoh

So the homemade playdoh David and I made a few weeks ago is still going strong! He loves to stamp out letters with these cookie cutters I bought at Walmart (a giant box of 100 cutters for $10!). He likes to line up the letters and smush them together Word World style to build his "words"--well at least he understands the general concept that words are made from letters, we can work on forming sensical words later....Of course the game of playdoh eventually turned into a rousing game of "Avalanche!" In case you aren't familiar, this game consists of taking whatever activity mommy planned and using the parts (cookie cutters for instance, or crayons, felt food, anything will do) to make a big pile on top of a train who then yells "help! help!" until another train comes to his rescue. Maybe it's a boy thing?  Oh and don't get excited about the underpants--he's got his diaper on underneath, it's still his preferred use of big boy underpants! 
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  1. Ah! The days of homemade playdough...I remember those!?


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