Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Makings of a Gallery Wall

This week I decided I could no longer stand looking at this sad wall the way it was--with a splattering of randomly placed frames--I thought I could keep it that way but my true nature eventually emerged and I needed to bring order to the chaos. Not one to just wing it, I cut out the shape of each of my frames from some newsprint paper I had left over from my artistic days and arranged them on the wall before hanging the pictures. This drastically cut down on the extra nail holes. This is also the point Chris walked in and our exchange went something like this, Chris: "Do we have all of those frames?" Me: "Of course we do or I wouldn't have made a space for them." Chris: "We have brown square frames?" Me: (Pointing to the Michaels bags) "We do now!" Chris: (In mock exasperation--I hope) "Of course we do."

Well what was I supposed to do--I mean, we needed to fix our sad wall and the frames were buy one get one free :)

You may notice at this point in the process our sweet picture of David changed frames--well my method was not full proof--as I was taking down the paper, i.e. ripping it off of the wall without just taking the time to remove the picture first, we sadly lost a frame. It came crashing down and shattered into a million pieces--the plastic innards, not the glass. It was beyond repair. This led to a mini disaster trying to find a replacement frame. Apparently it is no longer "in" to get brushed nickel frames because I could not find a replacement anywhere. I settled on the white, because if I got another brown frame I'd have to rearrange the whole thing to balance out the frames because I'm that picky. I also apparently permanently attached that picture of David to the backing in the original frame and it took Chris and I an hour to remove it in a process that involved Chris sawing it out with his knife so I could fit it into the new frame. I think the wall turned out great though!

And here is the finished corner of the room! As David would say. Ta Da!
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  1. Looks great! What are the two white things on the far right? And those cut out papers represents something I would never do in a million years. :)

  2. Very cozy looking! i'm just need to carve out some time for decorating!

  3. It looks great! I love it. I have to do something with my family photos. I have them up in my bedroom sitting on the floor!

  4. Love what you have done! I have to admit, I wouldn't have had the patience to do the papers...I would have laid the frames out on the floor first and then hung them up...


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