Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pine Cones Are For Collecting

We finally had a taste of spring and freedom yesterday! The snow is melting, the wind stopped gusting, and it was warm enough to go outside without risk of frostbitten noses. David was ridiculously happy! We took two walks, one before naptime and another once Daddy came home. David got to walk all by himself and he did a great job of not running into oncoming traffic...He spent his time jumping into leftover snow piles, collecting rocks and pine cones and running around laughing hysterically. He's too funny! Don't mind the band-aid nose, he looks silly but he won't stop scratching his "boo boo."
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  1. Love the band aid. Love the post. I'm glad you're into blogging these days. I love to peek in on what's going on.

  2. Oh so jealous of your non-snowy ground. It is pretty nice out today but everything is still covered (like 8-10 inches) in snow so it is still so hard to spend time outside. I miss grass! Cute pictures!

  3. It is tough to be trapped inside during the winter months. I'm with David...give me the sunshine!


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