Friday, February 18, 2011

Sleeping Babies and Dinosaur Digs

We went out for a walk today and Henry thoroughly enjoyed himself....

Back at home I finally put together this sensory table for David. It's just his water table filled with ten pounds of rice, which is really not as much rice as it sounds like, I think it could use another bag to top it off. I buried his dinosaurs in the table and he has had a lot of fun burying his animals and trains and then rescuing them again. I also gave him a bunch of funnels and scoops to practice his pouring skills. I don't know why I didn't do this sooner!

Well, I guess there's that....we've also been working on our sweeping skills.......
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  1. You need a dustbuster. It is fabulous and then you can just pour it right back in the table. I love the idea! We should do that.

  2. Josephine's water table is just collecting dust in the basement. Maybe it's time to drag it out! Although seeing that rice on the floor makes me cringe....guess that's a good reason for getting a new dustbuster:)
    Henry definitely looks like he had the time of his life on that walk!

  3. Looks like he is having fun, and sometime fun is messy for Moms!


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