Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snow is for Scooping

Last night we got about five inches of snow dumped on our little town. Since I don't like being cold I brought the snow fun indoors...inside the sink to be exact. David was having a ball, as the snow melted he demanded "more snow, more snow!" and sent me out with my bowl and scoop to gather more wintry goodness off of the picnic table. We buried dinosaurs and trains (surprise, surprise David wanted to play avalanche), made it snow all over the place, and David's favorite--making snow volcanoes. Your eyes are not deceiving you. David is wearing his big boy underpants with no diaper underneath! Apparently the key to getting him to go on the potty is to ask him where his pee pees go, not tell him to put them into the potty and then (and only then) will he show you where pee pees go. Of course shortly after these pictures were snapped he had his first accident of the morning all over that chair...and the rug....and a little on the cabinet......
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  1. Cute! You and Elizabeth are both using the snow indoors! What a good idea! I'm glad David is getting the potty training down.

  2. We always use bowls, but the sink is about the most fantastic idea! Next time! (and I am sure we will have a next time)


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