Thursday, September 22, 2011

David's Favorite *Chore*

We've started taking a family walk after dinner...I would call it our evening constitutional, but it's rarely a nice, quiet, calming stroll.....Really its main purpose is just to get the kids out of the house and run off some excess energy, and most importantly limit my temptation to turn on the TV and zone the children out after a long day of story reading and train playing.  

Our walk is quickly becoming David's favorite part of the day for one reason and one reason only:  he gets to walk the dog.  I wouldn't have thought this would be such a treat for him, mostly because I would never think of it as a special treat for myself but, there you have it!  He is so excited during our walks that he literally runs for the entire time--it's really cute to watch--of course I'm biased :)

And some proof that Henry and I were also present and supervising........


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