Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Best Friends Forever....or Stop Strangling Your Brother

David and Henry have begun to play with each other and not just beside each other.  It is beyond exasperating to David that Henry wants to play with everything he's playing with so we've been brainstorming better ways to handle these irksome situations.   We've been practicing saying things like:  "Henry, I was playing with that.  Would you like _____ toy instead?" in lieu of the ever popular, "Hey, that's MINE!" followed by a shove to the floor for good measure. We've also been practicing, "Excuse me Henry, may I scoot around you?" instead of "Get out of my WAY!" again followed by a shove for good measure.  All in all things are improving, but I have a feeling it may take some makes it all worthwhile though, when I walk in the room and find things like this:

Of course their friendship means nothing but trouble for me.  They've banded together against me!  Take this for example....Now how did the giant caboose get turned over and two children end up inside the "fort"?  David's answer......"Henry did it."  Hmmm.....

And then there's the daily question: "Where is your brother?"  You never really know what kind of an answer you'll get to that one.

Today it was:  "In the window.  Can I climb in the window too please?"  Like brother, like brother I suppose. I should have known I'd have two climbers.

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  1. In the box where they're peeking out the top I can barely tell them apart!! I like your preferred phrases:) I bet is so cute hearing his little voice say "excuse me may I scoot around you"


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