Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Nuts are for Collecting and other Fall Happenings

We've been making a concerted effort to get outside every day.  This has involved a lot of running outside and splashing in puddles between bouts of torrential rain over the past week but now the weather has officially broken and we have beautiful fall days once again!

To celebrate I took the boys out to a trail about five minutes from the house that we are always driving by and it turned out to be wonderful--albeit a little closer to the interstate than I prefer on my nature excursions!  Despite the noise from the highway, we had a lot of fun!  David spent his time running around and collecting various nuts--or rather, pointing out the nuts he wanted me to pick up for him, as he did not want to dirty his hands.

Nature treasure collecting bucket, check.  Magnifying glass, check, Rice cake, you bet.  What more could you possibly need on a walk through the woods?  Maybe I should have brought something to transport my nature treasures in because David  absolutely would not allow anything resembling a pretty fall leaf to be put anywhere near his nut collection!

David's collection:  one and a half walnuts, several mostly intact acorns and a lot of unknown brown nuts that I cannot for the life of me identify.  Do they make a handbook for that?  

Aside from nature exploring we've also been keeping ourselves busy here with other activities.  Chris and I have been put in charge of creating a club for married law students--which is only slightly obnoxious in that when I tried to do this during Chris' first year of school I was told that there just wouldn't be enough interest and now that we've only got one year left and I've made my friends the old fashioned way (i.e. stalking women with fussy children in the foyer at mass) the powers that be finally think it's a good idea.  I'm not bitter about it though.... :)  We put together a pot luck lunch at our house for everyone to come and meet each other and I think everyone had a good time!  This was my contribution--and although it's not exactly a culinary masterpiece, I thought it looked too cute not to share.  David was really proud of making the cookies with me.  He's becoming quite the little baker and almost always gets all the ingredients into the mixing bowl now.  

And on a side note:  David eats carrots again, but only with gratuitous amounts of ranch dressing......
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