Sunday, February 5, 2012

Belly Shots

As per all of your oh-so-urgent requests, here are the long awaited belly shots.  I'm afraid there isn't too much to show yet!

It didn't take long for everyone to want to get in on the photo shoot........


  1. Cute Belly pics...I won't tell you what came to mind first when I read the title of your post;) You look great!

  2. Hey, I agree with Julia. You look great! Good to see the boy's excited about their new sister(or brother)!
    OK, well maybe they are just plain excited.
    Thanks for putting up the pictures.

  3. Cute. There's a little bump there! Can't wait to learn the gender. I hope I get a baby bump in the next few months! First I gotta get the baby! :-)


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