Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines Are For Destroying

Happy St.Valentine's Day!  This is the first year that David really got Valentine's Day.  Maybe that's because we  actually did something to celebrate that didn't involve waiting until the children went to bed to devour copious amounts of chocolate that we had hidden from them lest they want to share :)

We started a week and a half out and went to the library to get some Valentine's books...apparently all the other moms didn't wait that long because there were three books left in the Valentine's Day section.  Luckily for us, all those other mom's must not be Catholic because one of those books was just what we wanted!  Saint Valentine, by Robert Sabuda.  We talked about who Saint Valentine is and why we celebrate and then we got busy making our own cards to send out......

I gave David some Valentine's colored paint and all of our heart shaped cookie cutters and let him go to town.  I think they came out rather well!

We did this while Henry was napping....poor Henry, but David did insist that we put that the cards were from both of them!  We made enough to send out quite a few, but somehow *ahem* most of them found their way into a sink full of water and no one *ahem* seemed to know anything about how they got there....So we sent the survivors out to some of our cousins and two friends from my moms group and called it a day!

And the holiday crafting didn't stop there!  We made Daddy a "back rub t-shirt" as well, which consisted of an undershirt, some fabric markers and a lot of train tracks.  The idea being that the kids would run trains along the tracks and give Daddy a back rub at the same time.  I drew the pictures and David told me exactly what Daddy needed on his shirt--David's Station, Henry's Water Tower, the Shed, Daddy's Law School and a lot of coconut trees.  He was really insistent on the trees....I think we've been reading too much Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  He was also really upset when I told him we had to put the shirt away for a few days since it was a surprise.  He would have played with it all day!

It was a huge hit though, and the boys gladly gave Chris an intensive train back rub once he finally unwrapped his gift!  Daddy liked it so much he even wore it to school today :)

Chris and I celebrated last night after the boys were asleep because we won't have a chance tonight--it included steak, a beautiful and very thoughtful new rosary for me, and a lot of fancy chocolate eating while the children wouldn't catch me and want to share :)

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  1. Love the shirt! We loved our Valentine from the boys. It was very thoughtful, and really cute!


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