Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Butterflies Are Not For Squishing

You can probably just prepare yourselves for two years of gratuitous pictures of the children at the zoo--we bought a membership and it's pretty much their favorite place to be.

This time we splurged and paid for the extras--the train ride, the carousel, the petting of the stingrays and.....the only one of the experiences that is actually worth paying extra for.....Butterfly Hollow......

We were the only ones inside and the butterfly keeper (notice all the butterflies on the underside of her hat) came over with a butterfly for David to hold.  His reaction was so precious and he was so excited to be holding the butterfly--he kept saying, "He likes me! He likes me!"  I however was terrified that this cute scene could turn horrifying at any moment.....unlike the butterfly keeper, I have seen up close how quickly my boys can go from sweetly observing nature to ruthlessly squishing nature and laughing maniacally.  Luckily David did no such thing and once he was done he just handed the butterfly back to safety....after I convinced him it really didn't want to go take a swim in the pond to cool off that is.

We also had great grandma with us which was so much fun.  The boys loved having her all to themselves and I loved having an adult to talk to in the evenings :)  

We also decided that we both need to plant this flowering bush/ground cover thing in our gardens.  I have seen it growing all over town so it can't be too high maintenance here and the zoo finally helped me to identify it.......but planting bushes is definitely mans' work, especially considering that all of the tools need to be dug out of our ridiculously stuffed full that project will just have to wait......


  1. Thanks for the update! the boy's room is so big!! The haircuts are great! And oh, a membership to a zoo? so cool!
    Love all the comments about man's work...LOL!

  2. The zoo being so nearby is going to be great! I loved taking the kids to the Honolulu Zoo when we lived on Oahu. It was such a short drive and I enjoyed it as much as the kids.


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