Monday, September 3, 2012

Someone's Four.....

We celebrated David's birthday in the new house with minimal decorating and a melted and then refrozen ice-cream cake he picked out at the commissary before we actually had keys to our house.....he didn't seem to mind though.......what more could a kid ask for than to wake up with balloons all over the floor and birthday bunting stung halfhazardly around the kitchen?

He loved all his presents but the Spiderman mask and silly string were especially big hits, as were the Bill and Ben trains we picked up shopping aunt Elizabeth's garage.....don't mind the foggy picture, as soon as I stepped outside into this humid disaster we call home with my camera, the lens immediately fogged over--I'm not sure what the protocol is for taking pictures in ridiculous humidity--letting the camera sit outside and acclimate first?   We definitely didn't have time for that :)

I can't believe my little man's already four!


  1. Happy Birthday to the little man!! Miss you all already. Glad you are getting settled. :)

  2. That last photo of David with his mask on, reminds me of Chris. I think it's the mouth. I'm glad he had a good birthday.


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