Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Happy Halloween

After last year's Halloween in bed, the boys finally got to get out there and have a real trick-or-treating, Halloween adventure.  I stayed home to hand out candy, which was a mistake--we only had three people show up--but, I probably wouldn't have had all that much fun on a two hour walk around base housing anyway and the boys had special daddy-son bonding time and I got to sit around watching Hocus Pocus (my all time favorite Halloween movie) so I guess it was all for the best :)

The boys were just a tad excited about the prospect of massive candy acquisitions..........

Apparently the boys were the hit of the base trick-or-treating circuit.  They even reached houses where neighbors had already called ahead to proclaim their oncoming cuteness  :)  The boys did great and Henry fell asleep in the wagon about two houses away from home.  Bedtime was another story entirely--I guess they thought Halloween lasted all night and they were coming home to devour every last one of their "special treats"--oh how wrong they were.  Everyone knows that good parents exploit the cuteness of their kids to get copious amounts of candy then immediately send them to bed so that they can raid the children's stash while they sleep.  We're doing them a favor by not allowing them to eat all of those processed sugars and chemicals....right?

Well, with all of their candy plus all of the leftovers from our almost complete lack of trick-or-treaters we should be set for candy enjoyment for at least.....two weeks......give or take......


  1. Adorable costumes!! Did you make them? I too stayed home and wished (kind of) that I had gone along. I think Gavin appreciated the warmth but the girls were so excited I wish I could have been there.

    1. No--I do not have sewing skills that impressive! My sister bought them from the Disney store in celebration of their first trip to Disney :)

  2. Cute! I think they look adorable. Looks like they had fun.


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