Friday, February 15, 2013

Two Weeks....Almost

We went in for John Michael's two week appointment this morning, to which I say--really?  He is getting so big, I just want to spend all my time snuggling him before this sweet, sleep all day newborn phase is over.

He's already 9 lbs 8 oz which I think is pretty impressive since he was down in the 7 lb range at his two day visit.

Are you ready for his first mamarazzi attack?  Brace yourself.

Are you impressed with my baby photography skills?  I have about fifty blurry pictures to go along with these in-focus ones......

I fully intended to learn how to take my camera out of auto and become a real grown up photographer before the little man arrived.  I even searched out and found the perfect book to teach me everything I need to know.  I never did work up the energy to go through it and teach myself while I was pregnant though, and every time I opened it up I fell into such a confused muddle I would put it away for a better time--because now that I have an actual baby I'll have so much more time to learn......I think what I need is for someone to just sit down and teach me how to work my camera *hint* *hint* aunt Kate who needs to come to Florida for a visit......

1 comment:

  1. I would love to visit sometime. Probably going to be summer time though. Maybe i can give you some tips over the phone? Send me a picture of the buttons on your camera.
    I think these photos you took are great!


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