Monday, February 11, 2013

When Daddy's Home

Sand tables will be flooded and castles will be built.

Moles will be found and examined.

And best of all, little boys will have their daddy there to build whatever their little imaginations dream up.  In this case I believe it began as a "machine to chop down grass and scoop up poop" but in the end turned out to be a train and/or boat with movable brake levers and/or oars--depending on who's driving.  Oh, and also a bit of a teeter totter.

I love that I have a husband who will stop what he's doing (and disassemble his beloved raccoon platform to provide spare wood) just so that he could work together with our boys on a project that might not have seemed very important but gave them such a sense of pride and accomplishment in a job well done.    

I'm sure one day this little man will be only too happy to join in with his brothers on similar adventures with daddy.  In the meantime he's content to just sit outside with his pensive face on.

And his regular old adorable face.....

It's been so wonderful to have Chris home on paternity leave.  I keep thinking that adding a third little one into the picture hasn't made things more difficult at all.....then I remember that I've only been taking care of the baby while Chris handles everything else--playing with the children, bringing me water, making me take my vitamins and pain meds, and taking the baby in the morning so I can sleep an extra couple of hours.  That all ends tomorrow, so......I wouldn't turn down any prayers you may want to send my way.......mostly for the safety of the baby once his brothers don't have dad around all day to distract them from their quest to find out who can shake the bouncer seat the most vigorously while the baby's asleep in it.......


  1. oh how nice! Hope the transition goes well. Will pray for you!

  2. Chris is definitely a good daddy! Good luck tomorrow.

  3. You can do it! I actually found the first week to be easiest. I had all this motivation to feel "normal" again so we were running errands, going to lunch (just me and the 3, mind you), visiting friends. These days I'm content to shower every 3rd day or so. Priorities:) Call if you need any moral support!!


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