Thursday, March 7, 2013

{p,h,f,r} The House is Clean Edition

In honor of John Michael's baptism, and the fact that we hosted the reception at our house afterward, our house was reasonably clean this weekend......and by house I mean of course that I was able to keep this one area tidy for long enough to take pictures before the children attacked.

If you aren't terribly interested in my living room you'll just have to forgive me because I keep this blog mostly for the amusement of my family and I'm pretty sure they are interested so I'm just going to go ahead and overshare/bore you anyway :)


Mmmmmmm.....a lovely clean room with vacuumed floors and everything.

We generally don't have party bunting hanging in the windows, but we do generally have entirely too many things crammed into our living room...........and crooked frames in the hodpodged gallery's how we roll.......


Don't judge me too harshly, but all of my happys are recent purchases :)

Our couch is super sad and stained and discolored from various incidents and an unfortunate placement near a very sunshiny window.  Chris and I have decided that leather is definitely the solution for a houseful of boys--distressed leather that is--but alas a new leather sofa is not exactly in our budget so we went with this slipcover instead.  It's pretty nice as far as slipcovers go, and a disheveled,shlumpy couch is better than a dirty looking couch right?  We're saving up to purchase the couch of our dreams after our next move, so until then......

Then there's this beauty....I found this super cute high chair on Craigslist and it just had to be mine.  I was thinking that I wanted to paint it a fun color but it's actually in perfect shape and I kind of like the wood....we'll see.  I'm pretty sure Chris votes for not painting :)


The night before the baptism, when I could have been taking care of any number of more pressing things, I felt compelled to sew some throw pillows.....out of some napkins my mother-in-law gifted me.  The tufting looks much nicer in person and the button isn't nearly as off center as it appears.....but I must have been a funny sight manically sewing pillows into the night......


Yes, we really have this much train paraphernalia.....don't have a heart attack, pretty much all of this was gifted to us or acquired second hand......but I'd say we are at max capacity as far as train tracks go.........

And another living room reality is this--our sad fireplace.  

To my credit, when we moved in, the housing office informed me that we aren't allowed to actually use the fireplace because then they would have to hire someone to come and clean them annually and make sure they were safe which apparently (to them) is totally ridiculous.  This alone wouldn't have convinced me to cover up the unusable fireplace but coupled with the fact that it is hideous and doesn't even have a mantle led me to this solution--a pretty dresser with drawers for storage and the tv on top.

I've found that when you're married to the military you do a lot more problem solving, trying to rearrange what you've got and squeeze everything in, than actual decorating per se, but I think I like the way this turned out.

PS I went with the blue drapes :)

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  1. Oh I love your living room! It is so lovely! It is amazing what a few touches can do to lighten our moods. So no worries about being happy with purchases. I think it is better to create a home that gives you joy!

    And a clean house makes me very happy... although that so rarely happens around here! I am looking forward (oddly enough) to spring cleaning. I have visions of new paint and clean windows dancing in my head as I type this.

  2. I think your living room is just LOVELY. I'll spare you mine!!! :)

    The bunting is precious!!!


  3. Are you kidding! I absolutely love getting a look into other people's living rooms! Yours is gorgeous! I just love the photo collage on the wall, and the throw pillow you created. Never done either.

    Congratulations on the baptism!

  4. That was a test. (Usually, comments I make with this blog format don't actually post so i don't bother. But since it DID....)

    Congrats on the baptism of your handsome guy. What a blessing it is! And your living room looks lovely (really, REALLY lovely considering the state of MY living room right now.) It is so homey but stylish too and I L.O.V.E that gorgeous wicker bassinet. ohhhh my.

    Enjoyed my visit and thank you for stopping by my blog. I LOVED your comment and, though there was no dancing, since that happens to be one of my favorite musicals, I had thought of that very thing myself. I got quite a charge out of not being the only one who thought that. :-)

  5. Lovely. I like your baskets of trains! :)

  6. Love it. It really like the blue drapes too. I recently went on craigslist looking for an old wooden high chair. Then I found an old wooden high seat, that's sort of like a high chair but never had a tray on it. It pulls right up to the table. I am going to paint mine cream colored. I should post about it. My intention is to use it for Nathan when he can't fit in his high chair any more and the baby needs the high chair more.

    1. That will be so cute! The tray on mine flips back to make a high seat too but I've been fighting to keep Henry out of it--and David :)

  7. Lovely:) Your home always looks super cozy! Mine could definitely use some cozying up but as sparse as it is I still feel like I spend way too much time keeping the girls out of things!


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