Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dinosaurs, Parties, and Thing-a-ma-jigs....Oh, My!

Our zoo has a new dinosaur exhibit with very lifelike animatronic dinos.....

I tried to get a picture of the boys and the dinosaurs but they were a little too lifelike for their taste.  And loud.  David ran away from the T-rex with his hands over his ears.  Later he informed me that he "didn't care for" the dinosaurs.

After a morning at the zoo I had the good sense to also take the children to our neighbor's Alice in Wonderland themed birthday party.  David picked out the most Mad Hatter's tea party-ish outfit he could think of, complete with a pocket watch a la the White Rabbit.  This was really cute until about thirty minutes before the party when he began running around the house yelling "we're late, we're late, we're late!"  Precious.

Once we arrived, our friend asked if David dressed up like Doctor Who for the party.   Well he isn't wearing a Fez but, yes....yes apparently he did come as the Doctor.  What can I say, the boy loves his bow ties and bow ties are cool :)

The boy also loves having his picture taken......

.....unlike his brother who has developed a serious aversion to mommy's camera......

David has also recently begun insisting that he and Henry wear matching outfits whenever possible--a desire which, let's face it, I hope lasts forever :)

The men folk also had time to work on David's "thing-a-ma-jig."  It has been added to and subtracted from for the past few weeks and  is now sporting a dashboard with various really important functions...... personal favorite is the toast option.

There are also plans in place to add wheels and a pulley system.....I'm really not sure what's going on....thing-a-ma-jig creating is not my area of expertise.  All I do know is that David really thinks it needs some wheels and was pretty insistent that we should give him the wheels off of our wagon and two tires from daddy's car.  I told him daddy needed all his wheels so he could drive to work.  David thought for a moment and informed me that he would drive daddy to work in his thing-a-ma-jig.  He's a problem solver :)

But he still can't have the tires......


  1. Love the outfit! Bow ties are cool and so is that pocket watch. We saw Dinosaurs like that at the museum in Hawaii. I can't believe they have them outdoors. That really makes them appear more realistic. I can see why the boys were concerned. It's cute that David wants to dress the same. I love the limp Henry. That little stinker! :-)

  2. Just going to comment on all posts before this one, too! Love the bow ties! Soooo cute. David is really growing up and so is Henry! Not sure what you should do about the legos...but I would be hurting myself on them, too! The gate sounds like a good idea. Two hour mass? Where and what was it?!?!?! Impressive that they all lasted that long! I should check out that book, too, there has been yelling here. But then E just yells back! Oh well. Miss you. Hope to see picks of your Easter Egg hunt this year!


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