Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day To Me

David (while watching Captain Hook steal a picnic on Jake and the Neverland Pirates--because I'm an excellent parent):  "Food isn't treasure!"

Me:  "Your treasure is the thing you love most."

David:  "Then you're my treasure mom."

Henry:  "And we're going to lock you up in our pirate ship."

It's good to be a mom.  Even if you do end up locked up in a pirate ship :)

We've had a lazy day.  Last night after Henry's party I was taken out by a migraine and haven't been out of my pajamas since.  My wonderful husband took over all of the party clean up and children-hyped-up-on-juice-boxes-and-candy duties.  Today I've had flowers and time alone to rest and read in peace and quiet.  Chris always takes such good care of me, every day really is Mother's Day in our house......

.....and now the hero of my day is taking a much deserved nap with this sweet baby.  They're really too precious for words.

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  1. Really sweet picture. Happy Mother's Day.


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