Sunday, May 12, 2013


We threw Henry a Cars and Trucks and Things That Go party for his third birthday because Richard Scarry books are his favorite things right now, second only to vehicles of any kind.  If he disappears, you can usually find him reading one to himself and if you try to sit down and read it with him he will tell you that he wants to read it "by himself!"

I'm sure people with more sophisticated software and computer prowess than I possess could come up with much fancier invitations than these but in our house we make do with what we have!  I will say though that cutting out all those pickle cars by hand seemed like a much better idea before I actually started doing it.....

.....the same is true for cutting out goldbugs from yellow posterboard......I hid a bunch of these goldbugs all over the house and yard which Henry and David thought was hysterical (if you aren't familiar with the book, goldbug is hiding on pretty much every page). 

For decorations I used (surprise!) our homemade birthday bunting--which goes up for pretty much every birthday celebration in our home and I also made some paper garlands from an old, used Richard Scarry book I picked up at our local used bookstore.  I've never destroyed a book on purpose before and it was really hard to make the first cut but it was really fun once I got going.  We really live on the wild side here :)

We also transformed our thing-a-ma-jig into a pickle car....I was pretty proud of myself with this one and Henry thought it was fun :)

Okay I was also proud of myself for my sprinkle cake masterpiece.  It's supposed to be a two layer cake but I had a cake-tastrophe when I was removing one of the first layers from its pan so I had to make a second cake and ended up with three usable layers and one plate of extra cake parts in the fridge...I mean you don't just let good cake parts go to waste, am I right?

Henry was beside himself with the desire to lick all of the sprinkles off the cake once he laid eyes on it and it may or may not have needed some sprinkle patch jobs before the guests arrived.....

The pinata was a big hit too....well really, who doesn't like pinatas?  Chris said he was surprised at what a good job I did stuffing it.....I'm not sure if that was a complement or not....maybe he was afraid it would be full of healthy granola bars and toothbrushes instead of the generic matchbox cars and copious amounts of candy.

To all of our little guests' :)

We didn't have party games planned, mostly because I really dislike the idea of rounding up a bunch of one to seven year olds and attempting to make them all do the same thing at the same time.  Instead we just had activities strewn around--a table for coloring Busytown coloring pages, a sand table with construction vehicles, bouncing balls and balloons....but mostly the kids played (i.e. wreaked havoc) in the boys' room where they ran with their stolen candy to devour it away from the watchful eyes of their parents.

David said his favorite part of the party was getting presents and "eating all the yummy cheeseballs."

Henry says his favorite part was the sprinkle cake.

It was a really good day....even if I still couldn't manage to get one good picture of all of my men together.....

Well, at least Goldbug is smiling.......and we did get one good picture of my littlest man :)

A big thank you to everyone who made the day so special!  

And check out my pinterest board for info and sources for all of my party inspiration :)


  1. You created one IMPRESSIVE birthday party! Every single all fit together so perfectly... and to have miscellaneous activity centers instead of games was brilliant, especially considering the age range represented. My boys LOVED Richard Scarry when they were little (now they're both past 40), and I wish I'd had the idea to do a party even a little bit like yours. The garland was especially cool - DON'T EVER THROW IT AWAY! It will trigger great memories for your kids when they're adults.

  2. I love the way you decorated for Henry's birthday. It turned out so cute! I showed Nathan all the pictures and now I have to step things up for his small family party. He wants a "frinkle" cake too!

    1. You should definitely do a "frinkle" cake :) It's super easy do but obnoxious to clean up--sprinkles everywhere!

  3. Fantastic party decor and ideas! Martha Stewart would be proud! (Actually she would probably be jealous! Ha! Ha!)


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