Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tales From Our Garden: vol. 2, {p,h,f,r edition}


After the May crowning of Mary we did at mass last Sunday, the boys wanted to have a crowning of our own...and like most things they lost interest in making the crown of flowers right after they picked them, handed them to me and then realized I couldn't instantly, magically weave them into a crown......I think it turned out nicely though--even if I was abandoned in the end.......


All of our seeds sprouted after all!  I'm trying to burn the memory of my happiness at being able to turn seeds into small plants so that if (or, more likely when) they fail to yield anything edible I can remember this small triumph and not be too overcome with self pity :)


"MOM!! Take a picture with me in it too!  I'm dancing!"  Wow, okay son.....those are some excellent moves you've got going there..........


I thought my cilantro plants looked a little off when I bought them.  After further research--now is apparently not the time to be growing cilantro in Northern Florida.  Now is the time when cilantro turns "leggy," gets the crazy lacy leaves, sprouts some flowers and goes to seed.  These were already lacy when I brought them home so I've decided that I'm no longer growing cilantro--no, now I'm growing coriander seeds, because who doesn't need more home-grown coriander seeds in their lives?  Problem solved :)

In other gardening failure news--after our three day long monsoon, three of my five tomato plants seem to have all come down with some sort of tomato blight which is really......disheartening......BUT, I saw the spots, did some emergency googling, and found and ordered this:

I'm hoping it is the organic problem solving miracle it claims to be and I haven't lost all hope of delicious tomatoes in less than a month of expert gardening.  If anyone has tips on saving tomatoes from certain doom please share!

And also, I think we have snails.

Will my garden be overrun by wild cilantro if I let it go to seed?  Will all of my tomato plants succumb to the dreaded tomato blight?  Will David ever learn some less embarrassing dance moves?  Stay tuned for the answers to these burning questions and more.

P.S. The answer to that last one is probably not--especially if he continues to rely on his rhythmically challenged mother for lessons......

P.P.S.  Make sure to check out even more contentment over at Like Mother, Like Daughter

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  1. Yes, your garden WIL BE over run with Cilantro if you let it go to seed, (but I like it)! Put down some snail bait and the snail problem will disappear! Tomatoes can survive, but fungus is a killer. Tomatoes need air to keep from getting moldy, pinch off suckers to keep plant from getting to bushy. You want them to grow up, but not too thick. At least that is what my Dad does and he always had great tomatoes!


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