Saturday, June 1, 2013

Rats in the Pantry

We live in Florida.  We have a tinyhouse with a tinypantry......and also we have the kitchen......mostly of the giant cockroach, palmetto bug, and tree frog variety.

Now that it's summer and our critter friends have begun emerging from every crack and crevice and startling me in the wee hours of the morning I have begun emptying all of our pantry staples into more critter proof containers.

I have also begun to get fancy with the chalkboard contact paper and a chalk marker.

If I had a more appreciative audience here in my house-o-boys I may not feel the need to over-share this with you but I don't and I know there must be at least one person in my family who will be interested in my new pantry organization :)

I also splurged on some OXO containers to hold my various flours.....they're worth every penny.  I mean, what would you pay for the assurance that every scoop of your flour would be blessedly cockroach free?

Even with all of my food precautions however my pantry isn't 100% safe.  Today I noticed that my baking chocolate has still somehow been attacked by what can only be described as rodents of unusual size.......

......rodents with mouths about the size of a little three year old I know.........

And yes, apparently this particular giant rodent feasted on both chocolate and paper.  Sneaky rats don't have time for things like unwrapping their booty.


  1. Love your organizational efforts! Where did you get the chalkboard paper you used on the jars? I remember when we lived in FL... Those Palmetto bugs were horrible! I had a cat back then that used to catch them! Watch out,they can fly!

    1. I already linked it because I knew you would want to know! Just click on the links in the post and it will take you to it on Amazon....where I pretty much do all of my shopping :)


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