Friday, July 19, 2013

On Feeding Raccoons.....

Has he learned his lesson?

No, no he has not.

He maintains that since he has now had a rabies vaccine, he is immune.

Well, maybe the dog food will convince them to stop eating my tomatoes.......

.......and baby raccoons are a little cute.....until they bite the hand that feeds them that is........


  1. I don't think he has rabies immunity. He should research that. I think it's very limited and short lived.

  2. We used to have a house that was by a small creek that trickled down from the hill above us, went through our basement via a pipe, and came out again right next to our front door. The raccoons loved to walk through the pipe (about a foot in diameter) and every once in awhile when we opened the front door, there they would be! They never bit us though.

    1. Maybe that's because you weren't feeding them out of your hand! :)


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