Sunday, July 28, 2013

On Roadtripping and 90th Birthdays

So, we up and drove to Texas last week for my grandpa's 90th birthday and it actually went really well.  The boys are officially roadtripping masters and we've managed to find the perfect audiobook/toy/real book/snack/break-and-run-around-in-circles ratio for excellent car behavior.....and by excellent I mean that there were no periods of extended screaming nor were there any toys/books/food thrown at the back of my head--you can't have too high of standards when you're in the car for seventeen hours.  Each way.  Apparently, while my children are crazy, strap them down into car seats and they're magically well behaved for hours upon hours.

It was two full days of driving for three days of visiting, but totally worth it.

And since there is pretty much nothing more amazing than watching your ninety year old grandfather play with his great grandsons I took plenty of pictures.  You are welcome.

I tried to get a good one of all the boys with their great grandpa and was only mildly successful.....

This next one is my favorite and the one we ultimately printed and framed for a birthday present solely based on the ridiculousness that is John Michael......

I'm strong to the finich 
Cause I eats me spinach. 
I'm Popeye the Sailor Man.

toot toot

I know, I know, mommy's not funny......

In addition to birthday festivities we also took the boys on their first miniature golf excursion.

David clearly needs to work on his form.....or we need to get him signed up for preschool field hockey......

I'm really glad we were able to get out there and be with my grandpa on such a special day but I'm also really, really......really, really.......tired.........


  1. I am sure your Grandpa really appreciated the visit! Good job!

  2. "I know, I know, mommy's not funny......"

    Umm...yes you are! You're hilarious! It's 10 pm and I'm over here laughing out loud whilst everyone sleeps. And you really know how to wield a camera.


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