Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving Picture Failure

We have grandma and grandpa Reintjes in town for Thanksgiving this year and yesterday for the main event we had over a couple of friends as well and our priest who popped in before heading off to the galley to eat with the rest of the sailors--which was probably a poor choice as far as delicious food is concerned, but I guess priestly duties do require sacrifices :)

We had a lovely time and it was really nice to divvy up the cooking responsibilities and only worry about making half of the meal.  Unfortunately we had so much fun I only ended up with two pictures and I'm afraid neither of them is of any precious children so any grandparents reading this may want to just give up now.....

Ah, the entirety of my Thanksgiving decor.  When you're trying for all free decorations you just make due with what you have and in our case we have a lot of cardboard.  David helped make the garland but he kept getting mad because he thought we should write "Happy Thanksgiving" and he couldn't understand why I wouldn't agree to cut out all those extra letters.

I did make an emergency Thanksgiving day grocery store trip to buy a bouquet of flowers that I split between a couple of mason jars to make the table more festive.  I ended up putting some craft paper across the table since I don't have a long enough table runner which turned out to be fun for the kids to draw on while they waited for dinner to be ready and then again for dessert.  I also busted out the real china because I refuse to tote things around from house to house that we don't actually use and I don't want to give up my pretty china :)

Now I have big plans for the weekend that involve getting our Advent wreath together and finishing up our Christmas shopping and in the mean time I hope everyone is enjoying their day after thanksgiving leftovers as much as we are :)


  1. I'm a big believer in putting the camera away occasionally and just enjoying the present moment of being with family. I love what you do with cardboard - always! You should put together a book of creative things to do with cardboard. I hope you come up with some cardboard-based ideas for Advent as well!

  2. I love the garland sign. I'm sure it was all very beautiful and the food and company was lovely.


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