Monday, November 18, 2013

Walking Too Soon

We were at a birthday party this weekend and John Michael was totally showing off.  The other moms-of-just-one-baby kept looking at him and asking, "How old is he?" umm....9 months.  I tried to reassure them that baby milestones are not a competition and if it made them feel better my boys tend to be early movers and late talkers (which is a great combination if you like your children running pell-mell down the street and not answering your desperate calls to "wait for mommy!") but I'm not sure if it really sunk in.

If David were walking this early I would have been obnoxiously proud, but as it stands I'm mostly just tired :)
As exhausted as the idea of one more mobile child makes me though, it's still pretty cute to see such a little guy wobbling down the hall so we tried to capture it for all of you who I'm sure are super interested.  I'm afraid we weren't too successful but here's a blurry video of his back as he takes off down the hall for your viewing pleasure.

You are welcome.


  1. Max started walking at 9 months too. Of my 5 kids only Noah and Max walked at 9 months. The doctor says that all kids are capable of walking then but only the adventurous and fearless ones do. She said these kids are the ones that tend to climb things. Great! Right? I tell myself, "well, Noah, is turning out well." Good luck!

    1. You are not being very reassuring :)

  2. Yep...Scott was 10 months when he started walking. Jack just turned 8 months and he's pulling up like a champ and I wouldn't be surprised if he wasn't walking by Christmas. My in-laws will be here. They've only seen him once, at his baptism, when he was thisclose to learning to ROLL. He'll be a whole new baby by the time they see him. I almost feel bad that they've missed out on him being a baby. But then I remind myself that they've had PLENTY of opportunities to be around BOTH boys and have declined. And then I stop feeling bad. I'm a bad DIL.

  3. Wow! Can't believe he is walking already! I really loved David's comments, he was truly excited that little brother was walking! Love it! :-) can't wait to see everyone!

  4. I watched this a while ago and didn't get around to commenting. He's a cutie. Boy, life changes when they start to walk! Thank goodness you have one story house!


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