Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Merry Blurry Christmas

As per usual, almost the entirety of my pictures of Christmas morning came out my defense those boys of mine are on hyper light speed when it comes time to open presents.....and they get up before the sunrise so it's super dark.  Maybe this year will be the year of mastering my camera in less than ideal light situations.  I did manage to get some pictures of things that were standing still though :)

The first thing Henry said upon seeing the stockings this morning was, "Do you think Santa brought me more chocolate coins?!?"  Why yes, Henry, I think he just may have......Really all Henry wants out of Christmas is candy and a couple of books.  David on the other hand, well David wants presents, lots and lots of presents :)

I painted a canvas car mat of our neighborhood for the boys and it turned out really well.  Currently it can't compete` with the three new boxes of legos but I'm pretty sure it's going to hold its own once the excitement of getting ALLTHETOYS wears off ;)

John Michael loves pushing around his walker wagon, and it took the big boys about ten seconds to realize that they could push John Michael in it as well for double the walker wagon fun.

Henry has restocked his arsenal and was running around all morning with a sword in one hand and a cap gun in the other fighting every invisible bad guy in sight.

While David was mostly just a blur running through the pictures on his way to the next present......


  1. What a clever idea to make a car mat of your own neighborhood! Your creativity with simple materials is never-ending!

    1. You are too sweet! As I was frantically painting it each night after the children were in bed--and actually sleeping--I realized I probably should have started it about three weeks before I actually began. Also that I should have done more research--once I got going I found a lot of tips that would have been really helpful if I had read them first :)


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