Friday, December 20, 2013

Post Op

Well Chris' surgery went well and now he's convalescing quietly in our room.  And by convalescing I mean napping and watching movies by himself on his iphone that he isn't allowed to watch in our living room with me because they are of a disturbing and/or action/adventure nature.  

My biggest advice for taking your husband in for a hernia operation would have to be to not bring your baby along.  Trust me, he will not be amused.  

He may however really scare some ICU nurses when he plays his favorite game of try to run as fast as you can to get through the automatic doors before they close and then proceeds to scream, cry and bang on the doors when he doesn't make it......again (because he was just so sure that this time was going to be the time and he would finally make it to that unknown paradise that lay just beyond those irksome doors).  The nurses might come running to the door horrified, knowing that the only thing that would make a child screech at that particular decibel would be that his precious little hands had been completely crushed.  "No, no," they would need to be reassured through the glass, "he's just really angry........"

It was a rough morning filled with no naps and thwarted dreams of climbing into elevators and playing in biohazard containers.

Poor little dear.

Now we get to move on to Chris' recovery which includes not lifting anything over twenty pounds for the next six weeks--which happens to be the magic number that excludes him from lifting any of our current children.  And probably the trash can.

This should be fun.


  1. Good luck! Adorable pictures of John Michael. I love the post.

  2. So sorry to hear about chris's hernia! We will miss him at the wedding, I heard he isn't coming. ;(
    Husbands being injured do create some interesting times for a family. Prayers for a very quick recovery.


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