Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Well, I suppose it was bound to happen sooner or later.......

.....we have our first broken bone.  This cast seems a little overkill to me since the bone in question is just his ring finger, but then again I'm not an orthopedist so what do I know.  Chris took him in to the original Sunday morning ER visit and follow up casting since I'm currently useless in an x-ray room situation.  And yes, yes they did recognize him at the ER. Don't worry, Chris informed them that Henry's just really accident prone so we are probably one nursemaid's elbow away from receiving our first visit from Child Protective Services.

 The funny thing is, he wasn't even doing anything that should have been able to break a finger.  He was just crawling around on the floor by himself pretending to be some animal or other when his hand slipped out from under him.  Chris knew something was wrong right away by Henry's sudden ability to give a perfect Vulcan salute--and also all the crying.

Clearly he's fine now though and if you ask him, he will calmly tell you that his finger "got squished" but now he gets to wear "hand armor." The lucky duck.

It should really be fun keeping this thing clean and dry for the next two weeks since the children seem to be allergic to that general state of being.  Also, Chris is the meanest dad ever for not letting Henry pick his own dream cast color--which happened to be pink.
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