Thursday, March 20, 2014

{p,h,f,r} The Out of Order Edition


Our weather has been really pretty and Springish this past week.  The birds are back, the flowers are blooming and we're trying to soak up as much mild weather as we can before it gets Summer hot--which is probably not too far off.  Our back porch on the other hand--not so pretty.  It really needs a pick-me-up but that sounds like man's work to me so I think I"ll leave it to my menfolk.  Of course their idea of pretty and my idea of pretty are often not quite in sync so they'll probably need a little supervision.  It's a good thing I can completely oversee porch clean up through the back windows from my perch on the couch :)


That's one serious pirate face.

Have I posted pictures our boat before?  We put it together a while ago out of stuff we had lying around.  Once again Chris did not see my vision but he followed by instructions like any dutiful husband and agreed that it was amazing and he couldn't believe he ever doubted me.......well, those might not have been his exact's hard to remember......He added the pulley system to raise and lower the sails which is pretty much the best part.  The pulley was also a good reminder of why it's so important that he have ample room in the garage to store all of his "I might want to use this someday" treasures.

It was actually a good thing we put it together when we did because the day after it was constructed we got a visit from our friendly neighborhood housing official about a pallet we had leaning up against the side of our house.  Apparently that's frowned upon.  I calmly informed her that no we didn't have any pallets anywhere but we did have a sailboat.

Pallets = horrifically ugly and not fine.
Pallet sailboats = creative, precious and totally fine.


This face pretty much sums up the reality of our last week.  We haven't been able to enjoy the weather as much as we would have liked because we are all horribly sick with some kind of demon cold.  Chris even missed four days of work so you know it was serious.  I do have the best husband ever though because even though he was also ill he rallied and took care of all of us including getting up with the sick baby throughout the nights and even managing to keep the laundry going.  He's amazing.  

We're doing better but we're still not great.


And in better happier news, and to no one's surprise but my own, our baby seems to be doing just fine and has a fluttering little heartbeat and everything.  I'm officially ten weeks along although thanks to my week long forced fast I look much less pregnant than I used to--and if you don't think someone who is ten weeks along can look pregnant then you probably aren't on your fifth pregnancy.

Now the big question everyone's been asking:  Are we going to pay for the early ultrasound to find out what we're having at fifteen weeks?  Well, we haven't decided yet.  Chris is not entirely on board for shelling out the money just so we can know a month early......Maybe I'll have to put a donate button on the side of the blog and we can see just how badly you all really want to know :)

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