Friday, March 7, 2014

How Giving Up TV Can Be Hazardous For Your Child's Health

We usually try to give up TV and sweets for Lent and we've had varying degrees of success--i.e. last year's Lent with a newborn--not super successful.

Well, you know that level of crazy that kids sometimes reach when they're literally bouncing off the walls and you break down and yell over the ruckus "who wants a show?" and they all come running and magically sit quietly for thirty minutes or until Netflix stops and asks if you're still watching, depending on how your day is going?

Well we hit that level of crazy today.

But I didn't ask if anyone wanted a show.

This is post ER visit--he's trying semi-successfully to look repentant.

He didn't actually bounce off the wall.  He actually bounced off his brother's head.  And into the dresser.  Luckily grandpa Reintjes was here to look at it and assure me that it definitely needed stitches and also to watch the other two boys plus a neighbor child who I was babysitting while I ran him over to the ER.

He was unfazed.  Well, he was slightly fazed when the actual stapling occurred but that only lasted ten seconds and then he was fine again.

The corpsman helping us asked if he was going to be bouncing on the bed again any time soon and in true Reintjes style Henry looked up, said "yes" and began laughing maniacally.

These Reintjes men.

They never learn.  

We'll see how the rest of Lent goes with no television.  Hopefully we'll get through with all our bones intact.


  1. Oh no! I'm going to recommend you invest in a padded room, just for Lent - that way at least with no TV you'll be able to keep them somewhat safe ;)

    1. That's an idea....although a padded room wouldn't keep them safe from bouncing into each other :)


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