Thursday, March 6, 2014

Places I've Found My Baby

Aunt Kate warned us that super early walkers tend to also be climbers and I thought surely my own super early walker couldn't be even more of a climber than my first two daredevils?  Surely?

Places I've Found My 12 Month Old Baby:

  • on top of the coffee table
  • sitting on the tray of the high chair (?!?)

  • standing in the window
  • standing on a chair
  • standing on the box of diapers after having flipped it over and dumping it's contents across the living room which somehow included acorns, which he also attempted to eat
  • sitting on the end table and playing with the radio
  • sitting on the end table right before he threw the lamp off--at my head
  • sitting on the end table chucking nature treasures to the ground
  • standing on the play table 

  • halfway up the ladder of the bunk bed
  • halfway up the ladder at the playground
  • on the top row of the bleachers

  • riding the rocking horse
  • in my bathroom sink which he accessed by climbing onto the toilet and then onto the counter using the toilet paper holder as a foothold

Basically, if he can throw a knee up he can pull himself the rest of the way.  The scariest part is that he is not in the least bit scared by any height or precarious situation.  He is also unfazed by falls that would send any normal baby into fits of hysterics.  

His newest trick is picking up stools and moving them to positions more conducive to his upward plans.  

He is also working on doorknobs.  

I really hope he doesn't put those two skills together anytime soon.

So this is what it's like to have a climber.

In other less advanced news, he finally sprouted one little tooth so it looks like he won't be needing baby dentures after all.  So, that's a relief at least...........


  1. Ugh Cecilia was the WORST with that sort of thing. I'm just thankful I have yet to grow a bookcase climber - that terrifies me! Everything else is no big deal, but those kids who scale bookcases? No thank you!

    1. That's a scary thought.....excuse me while I go make sure our bookcases are tethered to the wall :)

  2. He is SOOO CUTE! When my oldest son was about the same age he fell down what passed for stairs in our "hippy house" - more like a ladder, really - holding a KNITTING NEEDLE that he had found. Eight feet of fall, one knitting needle, no damage. It never fails to amaze me how hardy young children are.


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