Tuesday, March 4, 2014

On Unnatural Seasons

Well, wherever you are right now, you're probably cold.  Maybe unseasonably cold but at least it's only unseasonable in the sense that the season's gone long.  Here our seasons come completely at random.  

It's March and now that our Winter weather is over....our leaves have finally dropped.

Welcome to Fall children.

Our hypothesis is that now that the trees are pushing out new Spring leaves the old leaves have finally been sent on their merry way into the waiting arms of our children.

It's just so wrong and out of order.   Of course the children don't care, not when there are perfectly lovely piles of leaves to play in.

Our crazy weather makes it pretty much impossible to teach them the correct order of the seasons and/or explain to them which season it currently is.  You try explaining to a bunch of children wearing shorts and playing in giant piles of leaves that it's Winter.

Fall, Winter, Spring......these words are all but meaningless to my little ones.......Summer though--that's a word they know--I think the official definition is, "too hot to leave the house."
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