Sunday, April 20, 2014

He is Risen! An Easter Recap

I know, you're dying for an Easter recap....well, I'm nothing if not obliging....and long winded :)

All week David's been saying, "I can't wait for it to be Easter!" in the most precious excited, squeally voice you can imagine.  He was not disappointed.

The excitement over the sacrifice beans turning into jelly beans overnight was unprecedented and when the big boys found even more jelly beans hiding in their Easter baskets, well, you can just imagine :)  All the boys got new Beatrix Potter books and flower seed packets, but the big boys also got cane fishing poles and the promise that Daddy will take them out tomorrow if he can finish his work early.....and also a dollar in their golden eggs--I'm not sure which they thought was better........

 I do, however, know what John Michael thought was the best thing in his basket.....

We did the Easter morning mass because I'm not crazy enough to attempt the vigil with an overtired baby (the big boys did insist on going to Holy Thursday mass with Daddy and afterward David still wanted to do Holy Friday--granted, he slept through most of both but I'm sure he was soaking it all in anyway).

We attempted a family picture and ended up with this amazing shot which we cleverly posed for right next to an obnoxious giant sign.  I did manage to get all four menfolk into matching bow-ties so that's something.  David's totally blocking the baby bump so you'll just have to take my word for it that it's there.  And

I meant to get Henry a haircut this week but completely forgot, so I hacked off his mullet-in-progress before we left for church so he wasn't a complete disaster.

After mass we came home and set up for our annual Easter party and prayed that the weather would hold out as there was no way all of our guests would be able to fit into our house.  It did, although it was unseasonably, unseasonably, ridiculously cold.

The party was a huge success but I"m afraid I don't have many pictures because I was too busy hostessing and making sure my baby didn't run away into the forest, but I did get some action shots of the ever popular egg smash.

The grand prize was this giant golden bunny.

 Guess who had the glitter egg cracked across his little red head and ran directly over to collect his prize?

Guess who would not have bought such a very large bunny if they thought it wouldn't actually be leaving their house?

In other related news, I've definitely changed my stance on using glitter in the prize egg.  Sparkly confetti.  Sparkly confetti is what you should put in the winning egg.  I am pretty sure we will never get all of the glitter out of David's hair and I officially apologize for anyone who has fallen victim to one of my glitter eggs in the past.  I am so sorry!  

The boys had such a fun day--they are already talking about next Easter.  Chris says he thinks they love Easter even more than Christmas, and that is saying something :)  
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