Thursday, April 17, 2014

{p,h,f,r} Spring Has Sprung Edition


We've been busy this week with Lenten cleaning and Easter preparations, but I did manage to put together a new wreath for our door.

I have two grapevine wreaths that I just disassemble and reassemble to make new wreaths as the seasons change, which is perfect since I hate to store/move unnecessary stuff--and yes I'm counting seasonal wreaths as necessary stuff, don't judge me.   I'd rather just use natural (i.e. free) materials but I couldn't think of a way to make a Springy wreath without flowers so I went a little crazy in the faux flower section of the craft store.  I think it turned out pretty :)


Our garden is really thriving, and I hope this cooler weather means we'll have more time before all the pests/diseases that plague our overly humid summers have a chance to murder all of our hard work.  I'm happiest about our squash which appears to actually be bearing fruit, unlike last year when we got a whole lot of nothing.

I'm also pretty excited by our chives which we managed to keep alive throughout the entire winter which was pretty impressive for us.  I read that you can eat the flowers but so far I haven't had any takers on purple flower salad......


This is from when we planted the garden over a month ago.  The kids were so dirty.....I mean such great helpers.  Notice the construction equipment in the back.  My children are nothing if not professional--always have the correct tools for the job we always say.......


I think Spring is officially over here.  I ran out this week to take a picture of the last of our azaleas.  It's always so sad to see them go, especially this year after the two winter frosts killed back all of our other flowering plants so they were the only thing making our flower beds not look completely scraggly.  Last year we had the azaleas going and all the other flowers blooming all at once.  Hopefully they'll recover themselves from the frost and start to flower again soon.  Ah, Florida problems :)

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