Monday, June 30, 2014

Goodbye Baby Curls

John Michael got a much needed (according to Chris) haircut today.

Apparently someone is much more upset by the constant barrage of "isn't she pretties" that we elicit when out in public than I am. Incidentally, if John were a she, I don't think I'd describe him as pretty.....I'm afraid we have a profusion of insincere complimenters around these parts......

"Isn't that butch little, dirt covered girl in the strangely masculine outfit so pretty?"

Um no, no he is not.

Really I think Chris is just traumatized by my unwillingness to cut David's glorious mop of ringlets regardless of what anyone said when he was a baby and he lives in constant fear that each subsequent son will be doomed to the same fate of girl-hair.  Well, to be fair his hair was glorious.

So I relented and cut the baby curls off.

Well, I cut them off the back anyway.

You can't just go cold turkey on the baby curls.  Once you cut them off they never come back again no matter what your husband may say to try to convince you otherwise.

Hopefully this trim will clear up the he/she mystery that was our son for the time being.......and also appease my poor traumatized husband.     

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