Tuesday, June 24, 2014

On Having Hobbies

I was recently asked what I do during the day besides take care of the kids to which I responded fairly lamely that I like to read....and you know, sometimes I quilt......oh and I have a blog where I write stories about my kids....and things that I read.....and sometimes things that I quilted....I mean, I do interesting things during the day!  This week for instance I watched Henry spend several hours pretending to be a dinosaur for my amusement with very realistic sound effects, so that was exciting......Okay, I mostly spend my time taking care of the kids.  And cooking.  And cleaning.  And having the occasional calm down break in the shower.  But in a really fulfilling and not lame at all way......

All that's to say, I decided to finally dust off the how-to-use-my-camera-for-dummies book that I bought two years ago in order to take another crack at figuring this baby out so that I can add "excellent picture taker" to my list of accomplishments.  As a result I've been practicing using my camera in manual which explains the sudden wealth of pictures of all the exciting things we do during the day :)

I think the main lesson I've learned so far is that it is impossible to adjust my settings fast enough to account for the children running in and out of the shadows so I think I may give up and just tell you that my style is overexposed and super hip.

In other news, we got a giant watermelon from our CSA bin and the big boys wanted nothing to do with it because it tasted "not good."  Evil mom that I am, I decided to puree every leftover piece that I had already painstakingly deseeded to make it palatable for my ungrateful brood and turn it into popsicles.

Apparently watermelon is "not good" but frozen watermelon puree is delicious :)

And yes, in addition to watermelon popsicles and paint John Michael also eats bubbles.

I guess you can add, "tricking my children into eating things they hate" to my list of accomplishments.  The watermelon that is, not the paint and bubbles.

 Does that also count as a hobby?
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