Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Prayers Please

Unrelated but very sweet 9th anniversary flowers with bonus paper airplanes and top of one baby head.

Chris is going back in for another hernia surgery tomorrow morning at 8--why they didn't notice six months ago that he had hernias on both sides I don't know.  Chris says he is feeling pretty good because at least this time he knows what to expect, me on the other hand--I really dislike the idea of anyone cutting into my husband, or putting him completely under anesthesia, or the thought of another six weeks of non-child-lifting recovery......mostly the cutting though.

I would welcome your prayers for a successful surgery and quick recovery and maybe for me not to have a pregnancy induced panic attack brought on by all of my imaginings of the various things that could go wrong--as unlikely as they may be.  Pregnant worrying is so much worse than regular worrying :)  

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