Thursday, July 31, 2014


We have a bit of a dinosaur obsession overtaking our home at the moment which includes copious dinosaur books from the library (it doesn't matter what they are exactly as long as they come from the dinosaur section and we make sure to bring home at least twenty) and enough daily begging to watch Walking With Dinosaurs that I wish we had never introduced the concept of dinosaur documentaries* to the children.

It is also why I probably shouldn't have been surprised to find this on our back porch.......

It's Pangea in case somehow you didn't recognize it.

All three boys worked on setting it up and it was really cute to watch them all playing together.

That is until John Michael dared an attempt to actually play with the dinosaurs instead of just setting them up in their correct location and gazing lovingly at the perfection of his handiwork which is apparently how Henry saw the activity progressing. In protest Henry informed us that  John was "ruining the game" and that if John was going to continue to be allowed to move the dinosaurs then Henry wasn't playing anymore at which point he stomped off to go inside.....which obviously taught us all our lesson.......

Having a little brother is so hard :)

*Am I the only one who feels slightly bad letting their children watch dinosaur "documentaries" that you are pretty sure are at least half completely made up?  I feel like I should be interjecting every five minutes something along the lines of "you know the paleontologists are probably just making their best guess about that super specific thing they just said that they're sure the dinosaurs definitely did there......"  No paleontologist is perfect......I mean, they thought there was actually such a thing as a brontosaurus after all :)
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