Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Day at the Beach

It seems like the last weekend of summer here since school starts back this week.  We've been doing schoolwork since July, but it just feels different once everyone else is busy with their back-to-school routines too.  

Clearly the thing to do on such a Saturday was to head out to the beach.  

I know this one should probably have some sort of full body baby sun suit on to protect his precious baby skin but he's just too cute in his swim diaper to cover up all that cuteness.

The boys spent the morning making a giant castle wall complete with private pool which was conveniently taken back by the ocean right as it was time for us to go while I made sure no one was sucked out to sea in the yellow flag surf.   So that was super fun :)

And then there was this little interchange:

Random child:  (pointing at my stomach) What is in that lump?  I can see it moving. (insert horrified child's face here)
Me:  Umm....that's my baby.  
Random child:  oh.

Thanks random child, thanks for that.

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