Tuesday, December 30, 2014

An Advent Baptism

Christmas really snuck up on us this year, partly because of all the crazy of moving, but I think mostly because Margaret's baptism had the majority of my mental energy in the week leading up to it.

Because of course the sensible thing to do the Sunday before Christmas when you've spent the past 8 weeks having a baby and then moving that baby from Florida up to Virginia and setting up your house and making some sort of effort at the homeschooling thing would be to invite the better part of your husband's family in to town for a baptism and subsequent party--I mean, we couldn't scrimp on the party--after all, baptisms are for celebrating!

Margaret spent the majority of her time in hysterics.

John spent the majority of his time attempting to blow out the baptismal candle.

The proud godparents were able to be there in person this time....the benefit of holding off on the baptism until we got to Virginia.

It was a pretty great day, even if our guests did clear me out of Christmas cookies :)

As well as everything went though, David has still been doubting the efficacy of the whole procedure.  The day after the baptism, when Margaret was starting to cry, he asked me how she could possibly be so fussy when she just got all of her original sin removed?  Oh, if only life were that easy son. 
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