Thursday, December 25, 2014

God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen....

Our particular merry gentlemen were up at 4:22 this morning--most assuredly not resting--because......Christmas!


On Christmas Eve day we finished up the last of our crafting, mailed out the Christmas cards (do you count being postmarked by Christmas as on time?) and made cookies for Santa.  Then we opted for a seven pm mass instead of the midnight mass like we were planning, which was probably for the best--Chris and I aren't exactly what you'd call night owls and we don't generally get the option to sleep in.

Christmas morning was wonderful though, even with the obscenely early wake-up call.  Everyone got presents, even those who didn't *ahem* exactly deserve them.  As usual, David wanted to tear through all of the presents as quickly as possible while Henry and John just wanted to relax and play with their toys as they came.  David's method prevailed in the end since he was not above ripping open your present for you--just to be "helpful" of course.  The boys loved all their toys and I think Henry was finally convinced that Santa Claus is in fact real by the fact that he brought him and all his brothers Nerf guns which is something that I would clearly never do.  What four year old is already skeptical of the existence of Santa because he quote "hasn't ever seen him"?  I was a little afraid there would be uncomfortable questions when Maggie's stocking turned out to be empty but the boys didn't seem to notice or care that when Santa ordered her gift on Etsy he apparently didn't think to check to ship time which turned out to be seven to eight weeks.  Hopefully she's not scarred for life :)

Merry Christmas!
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