Monday, April 20, 2015

On Making the Backyard Amazing

We spent this past weekend with Grandma and Grandpa Haigh turning our backyard from a muddy mess into a children's paradise.  It all started with 10 cubic yards of mulch delivered to our driveway by a real live dump truck.

I think it's safe to say that the delivery was was the highlight of the children's day.  Do you know how much mulch is in 10 cubic yards?

I didn't either.

It's a lot of mulch.

Luckily we had lots of helpers to move it to the backyard.  And the front yard.  And the side yard.  Pretty much anywhere and everywhere you could put mulch.

Of course, as much fun as having nicely mulched flower beds is, the most popular addition to the backyard is the gigantic playset Grandma and Grandpa brought.  They hunted it down on Craigslist, dissasembled it, fixed it up and painted it and then brought it all the way down to us from Michigan and put it all back together again.  I cannot even begin to describe how amazing this thing is.  We never could have afforded something like this new and I'm pretty sure we never would have bought one used either.  As much as Chris liked the idea of me finding a playset on Craigslist, he never seemed to like the reality of actually taking one apart and reassembling it in our yard by himself :)

That makes sense though, everything's better when you have someone to help.

Especially when that someone is adorable.

It probably goes without saying that the kids love it.

I love that I now have a fenced in backyard that the boys can play contentedly in without me that doesn't involve them solely digging in the mud.  Well, play as contentedly as any child of mine ever plays anyway.  And there is still a fair bit of mud play, but it's no longer solely mud play.

Right now, they call it "the fort" but I'm sure it will be many things this summer--a fort, a clubhouse, a castle, a ship, whatever their little imaginations can dream up.

The only thing we changed was to board up the end of the tunnel section to make it safer for smaller climbers.  The big boys weren't exactly thrilled with that turn of events but they've gotten used to it.  Mostly because Chris promised some sort of weapon system mounted to that section to appease them.

I'm hoping the rock wall will lose its appeal once John Michael realized it leads to nowhere.

Grandpa and Chris had the playset up so fast we had time to tackle a bunch of other projects too like planting all the vegetables I bought on a whim at the commissary and the pansies languishing next to the house that I got for our window boxes.  Grandpa also power washed our back screened in porch and did the first coat of white spray paint on the sad yellow wicker chairs that came with the porch.

So much better, right?

I'm so excited for this warm weather and days spent mostly out of doors.   Now if I can just miraculously find a patio table and chairs in our price range (i.e. really, really, really low) then our little backyard oasis will be nearly perfect.

I'm thinking teak.

It could happen :)

I hope all your Springs are shaping up as nicely as ours is!  
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