Friday, July 3, 2015

On Photography Failures and Undocumented Milestones

We took a trip Michigan to visit family and I completely failed in my role as family photographer.  I did manage an extended photo shoot of Margaret looking particularly adorable though so at least there's that.  She got grass stuck between her toes and subsequently kept that foot lifted off the ground for the duration.  I probably should have removed it so that she'd put her foot down and look pretty but it was really funny so I didn't.

This little miss has decided to outdo all her brothers by growing not one, but two teeth before even reaching nine months of age far outstripping them all.  She also decided to start pulling up on the furniture which I believe is a Reintjes child record--although I can't confirm that since I have also failed in my role as child milestone documenter.  It looks like we have another non-crawler puller-upper.  A bottom-scooter puller-upper to be precise.  David never crawled either.  He just log rolled until he walked.   Bottom-scooting is much more ladylike ;)

Have you failed to document anything lately?

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