Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Fifth of July

For us this year, the Fourth of July was mostly just a rainy mess that involved no parades, picnics or fireworks of any kind.  The weather broke for two hours in the afternoon but I missed it due to a much needed nap.  Well, Chris said I must have needed it since I managed to sleep through all manner of craziness that a normal, non-sleep deprived person definitely wouldn't have be to.  I had high hopes for actually participating in something festive like going to the national parade in DC or seeing fireworks at the Pentagon but, truth be told, I dislike crowds in the best of times--crowds + rain + wet cranky children due to the crowds and the rain?  Um, no thank you.

The fifth of July though, the fifth of July was glorious.  The boys had fun with dad exploring and I had fun with Margaret making sure no one drowned--which, let me assure you, was no easy task.

This weekend our city is celebrating its founding and the Fourth of July all rolled into one with a parade and fireworks so hopefully the weather (and my patience....and also my energy) will hold and we can have a patriotic redo.  We'll see!

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