Tuesday, July 28, 2015

On Taking a Weekend


After a very hectic couple of weeks at work the husband decided that we would take a long weekend and drive down to visit our family in North Carolina.   Of course that meant that he spent several days working late in preparation for leaving and will probably spend several more making up for the weekend so I'm not sure it was worth it in terms of time off vs. time spent worrying about taking time off.  I spent the first full day with our family and my littlest ones visiting our favorite beach.  Chris and I spent many a summer day and evening walking up and down the shore there when we were dating.  Actually, I was walking.  He was chasing crabs.

We didn't put the little kids in their bathing suits in a futile attempt to keep them out of the water because a) we didn't have any dads with us and that's a lot of kids to keep from drowning and b) sharks.  I thought we might be being silly worrying about sharks just because there had been a couple of attacks up and down the coast but then the lifeguard came jogging over and told us we needed to exit the water immediately as he had almost bumped into one on his board and I realized we were not silly.  Not silly at all.

We spent the rest of the day searching for shells, rolling in the sand with our wet clothes and not splashing in the ocean while searching the waves for shark fins.

It was a good trip, despite the sharks and all the late nights in preparation for leaving, but I think I'm ready to just relax at home and get back to our summer routine.  And by that I mean that I need to finish all the house projects I thought I had all summer to accomplish and also get ready for fall because it's August this week (!?!) and I am woefully unprepared for starting school in September.  
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