Thursday, July 30, 2015

{p,h,f,r} The Red Heads, Stitches and Dangerous Book Piles Edition


David desperately wants a sibling with red hair just like him (although really I'd say his hair is every color not just red--including a brown patch right on the back of his head).  When Margaret was born I was pretty sure she was another brunette and was not going to provide him with the hair of his sibling dreams but now, I'm not so sure?

Also, I should probably take a second to apologize to Grandma for all of the window licking :)


I tried to participate in the stitch along for this Sweetiepie ABC's Sampler but completely fell off the wagon halfway through.  The finish date was July 17 and I am almost caught up and finished.  I can't really put into words how happy this little cross stitch makes me.  I have several others framed in Margaret's room that my grandmother did for my mom and several that I was given when I was born (actually they were tiny pillows that I cut apart to salvage the cross stitched panels from--as a girl I had approximately seventy-five tiny hand-made pillows adorning my bed).  I had been searching and searching for something to stitch myself to add to the collection but I couldn't find anything that I liked until I saw this.  It's just so cute!

As I've been working on it I came to the realization that I am a cross stitcher.  As opposed to some kind of embroiderer that is.  Something about making all those perfect little x's all lined up neatly in their perfect little rows is just oh so fulfilling--not at all like the willy-nilly-do-as-you-please-stitching involved in embroidery.  I have seen some really beautiful bits of hand embroidery and I have tried my hand at beautiful creative sewing (the proof is currently residing in the bottom of my sewing box) but, alas.  It's not me.  I'm not an embroiderer, I'm a sew-it-in-neat-rows cross stitcher.  This probably surprises no one who knows me.


I had a friend stop by last week who glanced at my side table and immediately began laughing at me--and this was only my living room book pile.   Am I the only one who gets distracted wanting to read all the things?  These are all so good, how could I choose just one to read at a time?  Everyone needs to read Esolen's new book.  The whole, "ten ways to..." framework didn't seem as cohesive as it was in his Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child and probably wasn't really necessary but it wasn't too distracting either.   I don't think I've ever read anything he's written that I didn't love.  He just makes everything make so much sense.  And I really want to plan a day trip to visit The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap in real life because who doesn't dream of plopping their family down in some little out of the way place and opening up a used bookstore?  Or am I the only one doing that too?

Well, I've whittled down this pile and only have two left, but I've also added a few others so I'm not sure I'm really making progress.   

And then there's this.  The boys' library book pile.  I'm not sure where they get it from.


I don't know what I expected would happen when I asked John to stand next to the book pile for a size reference.  It probably should have been this though.  

And as always, pop over to Like Mother, Like Daughter to find even more captured contentment!  
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