Wednesday, August 12, 2015

On Fossil Hunting and Fish Bones

We decided to take the kids out fossil hunting last weekend because they've been begging to go to "the beach" and technically there was a good four feet of beach there along the low tide.  Supposedly this is a prime fossil hunting spot (according to Ginny, and she's never led us astray before!) but I think we must have been in a picked over spot, i.e. right where you pop out on the beach from the trail.  The professional fossil hunters were nowhere near us so that was probably clue number one that we were in the wrong place but, and I'm not a professional so I could be wrong, but it's a little awkward to follow around the only other people on the gigantically long beach and dig wherever they are digging.  It's at least probably frowned upon, right?

"Oh were you hoping to have a relaxing day of adult fossil hunting in peace and quiet?  Don't mind me and my minions, we're just going to stick next to you and your friend.  I'm sure you won't even notice we're here stealing your fossils and ruining your day.........."

We didn't find any fossils but we did find a lot of old fish bones so that was something?

The boys lost focus pretty quickly, deciding it would be more fun to 1) swim in the river, 2) attempt to use giant pieces of driftwood as boats and float themselves away 3) make sandcastles and 4) go try to find a geocache.  I'll let you guess who wanted to wander the woods looking for tupperware.  I also found out fossil hunting isn't as fun when you're wearing a baby.

Oh well, I think we're going to go back and try again soon.  It was a nice little place even if we did leave empty handed :)
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