Thursday, August 13, 2015

{p,h,f,r} The Sewing and Sunscreen Edition


So I finished sewing my Sweetiepie ABCs sampler and I ironed, stretched and pinned it just like the directions said to to get it ready for framing.  The next morning I proudly showed David the toil of my hands and he said he loved it, but wondered why he couldn't see the Z?

Well, obviously it's because I completely forgot to sew the Z and my darling six year old was the first one that I showed my sampler to--including five other adults--to notice and alert me to the fact that it was not quite complete after all.  I posted my trials on instagram and Alicia Paulson herself gave me permission to leave it artistically lacking its final letter but in the end.....


....I undid the bottom corner and added the Z in without taking the whole thing apart.  Although, now that I'm looking at these pictures does the whole thing look a little too wrinkly for framing?


With all this cross stitch drama I needed some laughs over the weekend and these didn't disappoint.  I take my Library Project recommendations very seriously over here :)


After naptime was over a few days ago I went outside to see what the big boys were up to during their "quiet time."  It turned out they had been mixing sunscreen with dirt to form "gray paint"--which they were lathering liberally over.....everything.  David was so proud to have finally deciphered the elusive formula of paint that he had apparently been contemplating for some time and absolutely would not accept the fact that he might be mistaken.  I'm not an expert on paint ingredients but I'm almost 100% sure that SPF 50 is not one of them, no matter what David says to the contrary.

And I still don't understand why Henry also needed a sunscreen circle around his mouth.  War paint?  Neither of the boys could understand why it wouldn't just wash off.  Umm, because it's WATERPROOF. They've lost their unsupervised outdoor play privileges for a while.....

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