Tuesday, September 29, 2015

On Fixing a Bad Day with Cuteness and a Camera

Yesterday we had one of those days.  Well it actually started on Sunday when I took a tumble coming down the steps after mass.  I was holding Margret when it happened and the good news is that my protective mom instincts are fully functioning and she was completely unscathed.  The bad news is that said mom instincts meant that I didn't throw my arms out to stop myself from falling and so I ended up tumbling head first, with my dress hiked up, skinning up my legs and feet along the way and now have an ankle that, while it can hold my weight, isn't exactly functioning in it's usual pain-free capacity.  Embarrassing and painful, a wonderful combination.

Then yesterday, Chris "worked from home" which is always just as productive as it sounds like it would be so that I could go to three doctors appointments sans extraneous children.  I was so proud of planning them all so that I could get them all taken care of in one day and not need to finagle extra child care which I'm sure you know can be quite a challenge.  Especially when you don't want to have to pay someone so you can go to the doctor by yourself when you never even get to pay someone so you can actually go out and do something fun.  Well, due to mistakes that I am certain were not mine two of those appointments ended up not being on their respective schedules and didn't happen.  It wouldn't have been so bad if the receptionist had admitted something went wrong on their end and been even a little bit sorry.  No.  She just looked at me like I was crazy, because clearly it makes more sense that I would write down a doctor's appointment in my planner that I had completely made up for no reason whatsoever.

By the time I got home from the second trip out to the hospital I had a major headache coming on so I did what I always do in trying situations and grabbed my camera.  There might be a lot of things going wrong all at once but I do have adorable children and capturing that adorableness always makes me feel better.  So please enjoy this little therapy photo shoot of Margaret age almost one, and almost walking.  I know I did.

I had to flip her over and tickle her to get her to show off her teeth, but they needed to be documented.  She has two bottom teeth already like a regular baby but up top she has apparently decided that instead of growing two matching front teeth like any old basic baby might do, she's going to be hip and ironic and grow one front tooth and one side tooth instead.   She's a baby that refuses to conform--and also one that is going to look ridiculous if those other teeth don't make an appearance soon.

There now.  Doesn't everyone feel much better now?
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